Study on Critical Physics Issues Specific to Steady State Sustainment of High-Performance Plasmas

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Scientific collaboration among superconducting fusion devices of EAST (China), KSTAR (Korea) , and LHD (Japan) (in alphabetical order).

A schematic drawing of the Joint Research Project among LHD (NIFS: Japan), EAST (ASIPP: China), and KSTAR (NFRI: Korea) is shown in the following. Engineering requirements for the reactor can be reduced through collaborative studies on critical physics issues specific to steady state sustainment of high-performance plasma. This Joint Research Project examines three "Critical physics issues" for the steady state operation, and these issues consist of four key "Physics subjects" to be studied. The collaborative research will be coordinated among "Collaboration programs" by considering the characteristics and capability of the three devices.


What's new

- Apr. 9, 2013: Objectives, Research Subjects, and Keypersons were updated

- Jan. 21, 2013: The first A3 seminar was held in Hokkaido, Japan

- Aug. 22, 2012: A3 Coodinator meeting was held in Jeju, Korea

- Aug. 6, 2012: Web page was opened

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